Quality Meat

Valley Foods has an extensive meat department, the only one in Carbon County that cuts all our own meat on site. Many stores have gone to a pre-packed system where the meats are packaged in another facility and shipped to the stores for sale. Valley Foods is proud to offer you, our valued customers, only the freshest cuts of the highest grade.

Beef, pork and poultry are graded on several factors. Beef is graded, typically, by the age of the cattle, the firmness of the meat and the amount of fat covering the meat. We carry only USDA Graded Prime or Choice beef which are the highest grades. Pork is graded on the leanness and firmness of the fat and characteristics related to the combined yields of the four lean cuts (ham, loin, picnic shoulder, and Boston butt). Our commitment to you, our customer means that we will offer you only the best.

We have many different specialty items such as our own Bratwurst and Chorizo as well. Throughout hunting season we carry beef suet for those do it yourself hunters.

Need a special cut? Need 50 Ribeye steaks? Need a couple racks of ribs? We would be pleased to help you, if you don’t see what you want just ask one of our helpful Meat Department employees!

Valley Foods is proud to support the Wyoming Cattlewomen’s Association.